Our History

Pinn Memorial Baptist Church was founded in 1907. We are an autonomous Missionary Baptist Church affiliated with the American Baptist Convention. Our fundamental purpose is to make disciples and to further the gospel message of Jesus Christ. As the Lord blessed this ministry, many witnesses were sent forth to those who otherwise would have not known Christ as their personal Savior. In 1955, the church moved from Sloan and Powelton Avenue to Belmont and Westminster Avenue. The church resided at this location for twenty-two years until the church building was destroyed by fire. Pinn Memorial held services in various Churches and at the Millcreek Center for roughly five years. In 1982 the Lord opened the way for the Pinn Memorial church and congregation to move into its present location at 2251 N. 54th Street.

Our Mission

Preach the Gospel, Serve Humanity, Make Disciples.

 Statement of Purpose

As called people of God, united in Christian love and saved by God’s grace to do his will, the purpose of the Pinn Memorial Baptist Church is to proclaim and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and deed. We shall nurture and encourage the spiritual growth of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we also will minister to the economic, social, political, educational, and spiritual need of those in the community and to all mankind. We shall work together to spread the gospel throughout the world.

We observe two ordinances:

  • Baptism
  • Communion

“Do this in remembrance of Me”